My chinese cup

Hello everyone and a very good morning to you all!
(Considering that it’s not morning right now everywhere on the world)

As usual I have no idea what I wanted to write when I turned on my pc half an hour ago, but I really wanted to post something. So I present to you: A Photo Of My Chinese Cup.

I’m not feeling very well this morning and I didn’t want to drink tea as I usually do, so I decided I’d drink boiled water (which tastes better than unboiled water). This way I could drink something warm but without anything that’d upset my poor stomach. And then I thought: “Wait! I have this beautiful cup that a friend got me for my birthday last year that I don’t use very often because it can’t go in the dishwasher. Let’s use it now, since there’ll be only water in it!”
And so come I’m very happy with my cup, sitting at my desk, drinking water.

Lets have the picture. Beautiful isn’t it?

IMG_20150321_101041It is actually meant for tea, there is a sieve (??) with it for tealeaves and a lid (cover?).
And underneath the cup is one of my three coasters. My dad made them for me and I absolutely love them. There’s one with cupcakes (the one in the picture), one with owls and one with roses.

I hope you enjoyed this surprisingly long story about the cup I currently have my water in. If there’s anything you want to say, please leave a comment!


originally uploaded on March 21, 2015, 10:41


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