YouTube and test-week

Hello everyone,

I don’t really have anything to write about but I just wanted to, I don’t know, share some of my thoughts and feelings and just kind of talk to you.

I’ve been watching a few YouTubers the past weeks and I really like the direct style of talking to a camera, which almost makes it feel as if they’re really talking to you. Now I don’t have a vlog, but a blog, but I feel inspired, so I guess you’ll see some YouTube-influences here, and I’ll just try and see if that feels like me or not.
We’ll see.

At school, the test-week (exam-week?) just started and I think my first test went very well (which is something I haven’t felt for some time). But…. tomorrow two hard ones, sociology (something like that anyway) and Latin. SO MUCH o.o
And I’ve noticed the last weeks when I was studying that when I had a day on which I’d worked hard and concentrated and everything, the next day I couldn’t focus and I’d go back to surfing on the internet and then suddenly it was three hours later and yeah…
Today is one of those off-days.

Which is why I’m blogging and not studying.
Which is why I feel terrible because I was home at 12.30 and now it’s almost four o’clock and I haven’t done all the things that I wanted to do. (Which is also partially because I feel like I’m going to fail my tests tomorrow and *poof* motivation gone.)

I’m going now, and I’m going to make a serious attemt at studying because I’ll have myself tomorrow if I don’t.

What is your day like?? Do you know this feeling? And what do you think about YouTubers / vloggers?


originally uploaded on March 23, 2015, 16:05


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