Dear WordPress

Dear WordPress,

I really like working with you. I wanted to say that so you know before reading the rest of this letter. I like writing blogs, I like how easily you can reach other people and how easily you can find other blogs.

But I also like to add pictures to my blog. I like to change things about my blogs interface. I like to do things manually. And now I completely understand that it is very comfortable for very many people to be able to choose between some pre-made interfaces, but some people like to be able to change the colour of their background, to choose what font they want their title in. I am a scholar. I don’t have the money to buy a full account of however you call it. I’m not a professional, so apart from the fact that I can’t change anything about my blogs interface I don’t need a full, payed-for account.

Also, I like to make posts on the blog that my friend Hailey and I share. But for some reason, you won’t let me be a co-owner of the blog. No, I can only be a contributor, resulting in people not noticing our blog has actually two authors and me not being able to even see the comments added to Haileys posts.

I just want to be able to change my blogs html-code. I want to be able to place pictures in my blogs without having to manually change the whole code afterwards anyway because it doesn’t show what I want. I want to be able to choose how wide and high my header is. I want to be able to make my background yellow with purple and dark-green stripes, if I want to have it that way. I want to be able to share a blog with someone.

Dear, dear WordPress. Like I said before, I like working with you. But can you please, please, give your poor, amateur, good-with-html-codes users some space. Because the trouble I have finding a free theme I like (enough to not hate my own blog anyway), the trouble I have adding a simple set of photos to a post, really, really, poisons my pleasure in blogging.

Yours sincerely,

Raevyn Woods


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