Prompts #1 – The Young and the Rested

Every day, The Daily Post posts a prompt on their website – a situation or little idea you can use as inspiration to write. Today’s prompt is the young and the rested, and this is my interpretation.

The Young and the Rested
When was the last time you felt truly rejuvenated and energized? What made you feel that way?

Over time, I have found out that I don’t like doing nothing. I know, it sounds weird. And of course, I do like doing nothing, but it doesn’t really make me feel good. It doesn’t make me feel rested. It doesn’t make me feel energized. It just makes me feel bad about myself, it makes me feel like I haven’t achieved anything. Like I have just wasted another hour/day/week of my precious time on this earth.

Something Useful
If I want to feel good, I need to do at least one useful thing in a day. That way, I know I have achieved something that day, and I can lay back on the sofa without feeling bad about myself.

More Activity
But even though doing something useful and not much more on one day can make me feel nice, being really active can make me feel good. For me, to feel rejuvenated and energised I need to know I have been actually productive, know I have deserved to feel good.

I think this goes for everyone. People are very good at doing nothing, and even better in convincing themselves they have deserved doing nothing, although actually they haven’t. And I think that everyone who dares to look inside themselves, really look, the sort of looking that reveals the not-so-nice parts of yourself you actually don’t want to see, will see that they feel better when they have worked for their rest and deserved to lay on the couch and watch tv.

So, what makes you feel good, energized and rejuvenated? And had you ever heard of The Daily Post, or have you ever used writing prompts? Let me know!



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