Libre theme – A review

Wow, I haven’t even properly started with the habit of blogging daily using prompts, or I have broken it already. Today’s prompt, ‘retrospectively funny’, didn’t give me much to write about, since I can’t really remember the kind of moments they are looking for.

So instead, I’ll do some complaining. I just installed a new theme for my blog, ‘Libre’, and I’m already looking for an other one. Initially I really liked the theme, and I guess I still do, but there are just too many things that annoy me. Even after editing one post so it looks nicer with the new theme…

The downside about this theme is how large everything is. The titles, the quotes, the letters… Everything is big. At first sight that didn’t matter but when I started editing yesterday’s post it began to annoy me.
The title takes up quite a large part of the screen and the font is so big the whole title doesn’t fit on one line.
The quotes are also very large and I find them distracting, but not really in the good sense of the word. And they are not indentated, which I prefer, considering what I use quotes for.

Everything blurs together
Something I actually liked at first is how everything in this theme is how everything is black-and-white. White background, black letters, that’s it. Nice and plain. But that also means there is almost nothing that separates the content of a post from the post-information on the left and widget-things on the right. It’s very tiring and confusing, after a while.

So what next? I guess I’ll be looking for another theme again…
Let me know if you have any particular theme you like, or which one you think I should use! And I’m very curious as to if anyone but me has so much issues with WordPress’s strictness toward options to change your blog’s theme by hand!

See you around! (With another theme again…)


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