10 things I found while cleaning out my room

For the last few weeks I have been buisy cleaning out my room. It started with the idea that I wanted a new floor. Right now there is old carpet on the floor, the colour isn’t what it used to be and it is so dusty…. And I’m kind of allergic to dust, so not a good combination. So I wanted laminate on the floor. And then I decided I wanted to paint my door and windowframe. Oh, and I wanted to paint on my wall.

I started with the door and windowframe, because it wouldn’t really matter if we’d drop paint on the old carpet. Since the painting is done I have been cleaning and cleaning and throwing stuff away. When that is done (in a week I hope) I’ll go and paint my wall and after that is done we can do the floor and I HOPE it will all be done before the month is over. Not gonna happen, but it’s good to have hopes.

The cleaning and throwing stuff away is taking so long because I have always been afraid to throw things away. I’m very good at cleaning other people’s rooms, but my own…. Not so very good. So there’s a loooot of stuff in my room and I want it all out. As much as possible.

In this long process I have come across some quite interesting things, reminders of childhood activities and stuff I can’t even remember what it is used for. Here I have ten things for you I found in the dark corners of my dusty room. Enjoy!

1. Introduction papers
In a stack of paper stuffed on a shelf, I found papers from the introductionlessons of my middle school. I went to these lessons when I was in 8th grade of primary school, so I was eleven at the time. Why have I never thrown this away? It’s not like I’m ever going to use it again…
Thrown it away now.

2. Finger puppets
Those little animal-figures that you can put on the top of your fingers and that do… what with? Play, I suppose. I have never really played with them, I just liked the little animal-heads.
To the second-hand shop.

3. 3D-horse-postcard-making-set
I think I got this for christmas, and I was very happy with it. The idea is you take a card, you cut out a paper horse and place it on the card with little white thick sticky-things. Then you take the same picture of the horse again and cut out a part of it, the head for instance, because this is closer. You place it on the paper horse that is already sticked to the card, and so you create a ‘3D’ card.
I didn’t use all of it, so that’s in a box that goes to a primary school I think.

4. Cellphone charger
In a box on a cabinet, together with matching earplugs, I found the charger of my very first cellphone. It had some weird connection-thing which was also used for the earplugs. (Which is a pity, because they were really good earplugs.) The phone is long-gone, to some recycling-thing I recall. To save monkeys, or something.
Threw the charger away, couldn’t really find a use for it.

5. Plastic Miffy-bag
Stuffed between my many, many other bags (of which I’ll be giving most to the second-hand shop) I found an orange totebag with a print of six Miffy’s. I have no idea how I got it, and I didn’t even know I had it, but I like it.
Keeping this one.

6. Hand-made babydoll-pants
I didn’t really play with dolls when I was younger, but I had one and a load of teddy’s I used to dress up with a few pieces of clothing and a lot of large handkerchiefs made from colourful cloth. One of the pieces of clothing was a trousers my mother made from purple-blue shimmery cloth. Very beautiful, but I can’t really find a use for it anymore…
So it goes to the second-hand shop, together with all the other clothing.

7. Diddle-keychain
Or actually, three. Diddle, Diddlina and Galupy. I was a Diddle-fan and collector when it was a hype and I have to admit, I still like it. I couldn’t throw my binder with all the little paper-things away, I like it too much. I decided I’d keep Galupy, because that keychain was the nicest and softest…
The other two are going to the secon-hand shop.

8. Wild flowers in Europe
A little book I got from a familymember years ago, after a very nice family-meetin in which we roamed the streets around the house looking for interesting plants. I have never really used it, but I’ve intended to do so in the future.
Keeping this one.

9. Old pictures
The pictures from my sixth (I think) birthday party. We were all so young and cute and happy… It’s really funny to see myself at such a young age, but ever more funny to see the other children I had invited. Most I haven’t seen in years, but they all look so alike to when I last saw them…
Put in a box with stuff I can’t part with, next to a salt mill and a nice little plate.

10. Purple dolphin light
A purple dolphin hanging from a long cord, with a little light inside. When you press it, it starts flashing in all the colours of the rainbow. It took a while before I figured out it doesn’t stop by itself, you have to press it again.
Threw it away, it was dirty.

I hope you like what I found! Have you ever held such a rigourous cleanup of your room? And what interesting stuff did you find? Let me know!



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