So, remember when I wrote this post about going to Spain and how it was freaking me out?

I’m in Spain now and to this point (the whole eight hours I’ve been here) it’s been amazing.

The last few months I went from Okay, so I’m going to Spain in October to AAAAHHHH I’m going to Spain in October to I’m going to Spain and it’s freaking me out but I’m going anyway (the stage in which I wrote that post) to I’ll be in Spain in three weeks to  in three days to in one day to HOLY BANANAS the plane has landed I’m in Spain I’m in FREAKING SPAIN!

It has been quite the time.

After my initial little breakdown of nerves about five weeks ago, the nerves slowly went away and despite my fear they would come back, they didn’t really. I mean, I was nervous. But I was afraid that feeling of panic of that particular evening would come back.
I did feel some nerves this morning, when we were standing in the train towards the airport and a little when we checked in and some more when we boarded the plane but after that, I was surprisingly calm. I actually liked the feeling when the plane left the groud and went into the air, and what I liked even more was the marvelous views you get to see.
The landing was way better than I expected because I thought it would be a lot like a rollercoaster.

I don’t like rollercoasters.

It wasn’t like a rollercoaster at all. I hope I am not making things better than they actually were but up ahead I was so scared by the whole flying-bit of the trip, mostly because I didn’t know what to expect and what I got in the end was so much better than my fears…

I found it somewhat magical and I guess my fear up ahead just made the actual experience better.

I won’t bore you with more rambling about how amazing the views are from a plane, but maybe you’d like to hear some stories about what I think of Spain so far?

☼ Spain reminds me of Italy. In it’s colours, mostly, and the roughness of the landscape.
☼ The house is amazing. The living room has one wall that’s made out of mountain. Or something. It’s rock, anyway.☼ The sea is our backyard.
☼ The sea sounds amazing.
☼ It’s really beautiful here, and so different from home.
☼ From what I’ve seen so far, I quite like the people I’m with. It’s a friends family that I mostly didn’t really know, but we seem to get along very well so far.

One more thing about the flying. It just occured to me that I often find a place or an event magical when I get to see marvelous views. It doesn’t really matter what else happens, because the main thing I’ll remember will be the view.

I’ll leave it here for now. I just wanted to say sorry for the lack in updating the last few weeks, I’ve been buisy being nervous and laying a new floor in my room. I plan to update more often the coming two weeks, with some stories of my Spanish adventures.

Love, Raevyn


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