Spain – Day one

October 19th, 2015

Today started out very nicely, waking up with the sound of the sea. Then came a little down moment, when it turned out one of our company had gotten ill overnight. She’s lying in bed now, and I hope she’ll get better soon.

I had breakfast outside on the patio. We hoped we’d see the sun rise out of the sea, but there were too many clouds. It was quite weird, actually, because all we could see was how the grey sky slowly got lighter and how we could see more, without there being any particular lightsource.

She’s feeling better!

You can’t drink water from the tap in Spain, apparently. There is so much chlorine in the water that our unaccustomed Dutch systems can’t handle it. It’s okay for brushing your teeth, but if you really want to drink water you have to buy these enourmous bottles of mineral water. That was what we did this afternoon, after we spent the morning walking a very rocky path along the coastline. It was really weird because they sell so much things similar to what you find in a Dutch supermarket, but then you bump into the little pigs, dead eyes staring at you.

When we came back there was a little bit of sunshine so we decided to go on our first swim of the holiday. The water was really cold but other than that it was very nice.
And the water is indeed really clorine-ish. I showered after the swim and it smelt like I was showering with pool-water.

I can’t really believe we’ve been here for only a day. It feels so much longer… Is that weird or normal?


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