Spain – Day Two

October 20th, 2015

The sky has cleared up since yesterday and we got to see the sun rise! I was too late to see it actually rise from the sea, but I got some beautiful pictures anyway.
I don’t really know the plans for today, but I believe we are going to walk further north along the coastline, to a more sandy beach. (All the beaches here are made of little pieces of rock and shells.) I guess we’ll go for a swim there.

zon 20-10 1

It’s finally getting a little warmer outside (and inside). The downside of sunnier weather is that there are no clouds to hold the warmth at night, so it’s colder in the mornings.

Indeed no swimming in the end, it was too cold and windy for that. We did walk north to the next town, where we had lunch before walking back. The beauty of the landscape here keeps amazing me. (Wow, keeps… Sounds like I’ve been here for years instead of two days. But you get my drift.) I find it remarkable that there are so many rocks sticking out of the sea and on the beaches, but that they all are soft and with rounded edges, instead of the sharp rocks I know and imagined.


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