Spain – Day Four

October 22nd, 2015

Woke up just in time to see the sun rise. There was some mist hanging above the ocean, but we could see the sun come from behind the clouds instead of the actual sea, which was beautiful too.

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No butterfly garden today but a botanical one. What a beautiful plants and flowers!
And cactuses. (cacti?) They’re amazing 😀

With a book in the sun on the beach. Life’s good.

Our little walk-in cat came in this afternoon and is currently lying half on my leg, half on the pillows. She’s so sweet…
We’re actually not sure what gender she is, but we all keep saying ‘she’, so I’ll just go with that.

Skyping with my best friend. I think we’ve been sending eachother useless youtube video’s for over an hour now.

Tapas is delicious!

Finally got to watch My Neighbour Totoro tonight. He is so fluffy! All those creatures are so fluffy!
I want to hug them….


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