Spain – Day Three

October 21st, 2015

Boiling water with a kettle, a whole new experience for me. Isn’t that thing supposed to whistle when the water is boiling? Because I can hear it boiling but there’s no whistle…

I just read a Latin phrase in a book about Barcelona and suddenly I missed the language. I missed working and struggling with it. I always liked it ofcourse, but I never realised it meant this much to me…

Spain really is the king of all countries when it comes to roundabouts. They are everywhere! They don’t do intersections with traffic lights at all, I believe. They just make roundabouts. It makes you kind of dizzy after a while.
There are even roundabouts where the main road goes through the middle and the circle is just for a bus to turn around or for vehicles from some non-paved backroad to enter the main road without making a sharp turn.
It’s weird.

Spain - Day Three 1

We went to a butterfly/coloured birds-garden. Thought you might be wondering.

Spain - Day Three 2

This is annoying. My parents said they’d call me after they finished watching their movie (saves me phone charges) and now I can’t watch my own movie because they haven’t called me yet. All those movies, it’s confusing.

Call done! On to our own movie now!


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