Spain – Day Five

October 23rd, 2015

Wow, I can’t believe it’s day five here already! Time flies…

We just had our first ice cream of the holiday. I had straciatella, always a favourite. It was delicoussss… And the weather is so nice! It is warm and sunny and it feels like summer and I’m going to swim in the afternoon. The only downside is the still fairly cold wind… So you have to pick the place you sit carefully, so you’re out of the wind and in the sun.

Not much to say about today. Me and my friend stayed home while the others went to visit a town nearby, so we spent the afternoon swimming, showering (we both showered for about an hour I think :P) and watching youtube.
And now we’re off to the kitchen to make dinner, awaiting the arrival of the others.

I’m tired, so I guess there won’t be much to say about my evening after dinner. I’ll just go straight to bed if it’s up to me…


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