Spain – Day Seven

October 25th, 2015

I just heard my best friend is coming to Spain as well, which is really cool. Unfortunately we aren’t very likely to bump into eachother, because she’s going to Madrid and we’re near Barcelona. But the idea of being on holiday in the same country is nice!

Okay, signing up for open days of universities is a disaster. They all follow a different system and most of them barely work. What use is it to have mandatory fields with no options to select?? Ofcourse it doesn’t work then!

We’re sitting in a little coffeeshop in a town nearby, sipping drinks and looking at the empty streets. We pulled a nice tourist-stunt, going to a town on Sunday during siësta, but never considering for a moment that all the shops would be closed. The restaurants and coffeeshops downtown are open, however, so that’s why we’re here now.
God, I love chocolate muffins.

Oh-oh, what have I done. The movie we planned to watch didn’t load, so instead we looked at the saved files on the laptop for something to watch. I’d never seen Game of Thrones before, so that was what we went with.
And now I want to watch all of it, ofcourse… I always thought it was just fighting and sex, and frankly, it is, mostly, but it pulls you in like a tornado.
And ofcourse there’s Sean Bean, which makes everything better. (SPOILER yes I know he dies after one season but anyway).


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