Spain – Day Nine

October 27th, 2015

I can’t believe it’s afternoon already… Where has the day gone?

Let me think. We got up at about 9.30, had breakfast outside. Then I sat there on the balcony-thing for quite a while, reading and listening to the sea. And after that I got to the stupid job of deleting old photo’s from my phone, so I could make new ones. (From 1.998 to 1.205, not bad right?) And then I went inside and sat there with my laptop, siging up for open days from universities, reading blogs and watching youtube-videos.

So that’s where all the time went.

I don’t think I’ve actually told you with who I’m here. Let me do it now.
I am here with my friend Hidden and his family. The family consists of his father, his half-sister and her two sons. So it’s six people, six phones, four laptops, one Ipod and one walk-in cat.

We just got back from the nearby town, where we went to bring back our lent car and to visit the shops. As you might remember, our last try was on a Sunday during the siësta.


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