Spain – Day Ten

October 29th, 2015

Yessss we’re back in the house after a day in Barcelona. Oooh boy I needed to go to the toilet for half the more-than-an-hour car drive.

So, Barcelona. I think I’m a bit in love. I find the city, after two days of laying my eyes on it very beautiful. There are many old houses with little balconies and random mosaïc bits, but it’s not too pretty, if you get my drift. It’s not that you can spend an entire day walking through one street because everything around you is just so beautiful you can’t not look. The overall is just very nice.

Also, I find the city very friendly. All I have to compare it with is Rome, but what I noticed there was that it felt like “Okay, you’re a tourist and we make money off you, but really we don’t want you here.” It feels unfriendly. Barcelona, on the other hand, felt like “Hey, you’re a tourist who has come all the way over here to see our city because you like to and you’re welcome. Nice to have you here!” Maybe I’m naïve, or blind to certain things, but the city just felt better.

In Barcelona we did three things mainly. We did a boat tour through the harbour, we visited the Sagrada Família and we walked through the little streeds aside the ramblas.
The boat tour was really cool, because we got very close to all those gigantic ten-storey cruise-ships that are harboured there and we had a really good view of the industrial part of the haven, where the large container-ships were being loaded.
The Sagrada Família was in one word impressive. Or majestic. Or just enchanting. The inside looks a bit like you walk in a forest, with high pillars holding up the even higher roof. The coulours change all the time, because most of the walls is made of stained glass-mosaïc windows in reds, greens and blues. It was really good weather, so when the sun shone through the windows the whole church lighted up. It was amazing and really something you have to see for yourself. It’s hard to describe.
Lastly we walked through the narrow streets with the little shops next to the ramblas, on our way back to the car. Those little shops are amazing, and so much better than the large concerns such as H&M, KFC and Primark, which you can find everywhere.

If I go to university and I can afford to study abroad for a few months, I think Barcelona would be a good contender.


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