Dear readers of my blog, however humble your numbers. Changes are coming. In my life and on this blog. I have wondered many times if I should just start a new blog to support this new interest of mine but I have decided not to. Raevyns Stories is about my stories, about me finding out who I am and so it is okay if my blog changes when I change.

Since my last post about Spain, at the end of October last year, many things have changed and not much has changed, at the same time. I have a job now, and I usually work three days a week. I am more aware of what I do and why. And I am very aware of the fact that there is stuff in my head that’s holding me back, knots I have to unwind if I want to get anywhere with my emotional development. I try to read more books and watch less tv. I teach myself piano and tarot.

The Fool - The Ravens Prophecy

The Fool, from the Ravens Prophecy deck

When it comes to this blog I want to make it more about my emotional and spiritual journey. As I said I am learning the tarot, I am overthinking the concept of ‘shadowwork’ and I am, in general, thinking a lot about emotional and spiritual stuff. I hope by getting this new focus here I will stay motivated to work on this blog, and I hope my stories will maybe help some other people get through the stuff that’s holding them back.

So here’s to change guys, to new beginnings.


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