Haircut & more

I just remembered that the last blog I posted was on April 8th, which is almost a month ago. Shame on you, Rae. I tried coming up with something interesting but it’s saturday afternoon and I’m lazy and you know…

So a little life-update it is.
❀I just got my hair cut by my lovely mom and I love it. It’s so light and straight and it falls nice and I love it love it love it.
❀The last book in Maggie Stiefvater’s Raven Cycle was released on april 28th and I HAVE IT IN MY HANDS! They sold the original american version online and I couldn’t wait for some local bookshop to get it on the shelves. (Problem 1: all physical bookshops are disappearing, which is sad. Problem 2: the ones left have an inventory that makes me sad as well, and it takes forever to order something.) Anyway I have it and so far I love it. I’m kind of split between wanting to finish it and not wanting for it to end.
❀I am once again wondering if I want to switch to Dutch on my blog. It is the language I grew up with and I love it. I also like English a lot and it’s advantage is that it reaches so many more people, but I still struggle with it and I am sometimes troubled by the ease with which most Dutch people set aside their own language in favor of the other persons’. I don’t know. I’m rambling, I think.
❀I haven’t touched a tarot deck in two or three weeks I think, which I don’t like.
❀I have a cat sitting next to me, which I like.
❀I have another free day tomorrow because it’s sunday and weeeh free days!
❀This sudden admiration of free days is caused by the idea that I have to work the whole day next week on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, which I’m not looking forward to. It may sound weak or something, but three 9-hour workdays in line is a lot, for me. I won’t be nice company when I get home Wednesday…

I don’t really know what else to say, I just wanted to get something out there.


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