The first test: dinner

Today I successfully completed the first test of being on holiday on your own for the first time: I made myself dinner. Now, I’m not a complete newbie in the kitchen, I’ve been learning how to cook for the last year, but preparing food is still far from natural to me. And now I suddenly have to measure everything for one, instead of four mouths.

But I did it! It was not too much, not too little, not burned or overdone or half-raw. I’m quite proud of myself, so to celebrate I’m watching series and eating biscuits now.

At this point you might be wondering what I’m doing on holiday on my own and why I hadn’t mentioned it earlier. To the last question I have no answer. I think I was just too busy with other things, such as figuring out how many t-shirts to bring.
As to the first question: I am in a house belonging to family, on my own, on holiday. I got here by train and by bike (DO NOT trust Google when it says 1h5m. It means at least 2h15m.) This is the first time I’m on holiday on my own, and so far I’m enjoying it. I arrived yesterday with a friend who stayed the night and is now visiting her own family, and I will stay here until Saturday. What I’ll be doing in the meantime? No idea. Enjoying myself, I hope.


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