The first test: dinner

Today I successfully completed the first test of being on holiday on your own for the first time: I made myself dinner. Now, I’m not a complete newbie in the kitchen, I’ve been learning how to cook for the last year, but preparing food is still far from natural to me. And now I suddenly have to measure everything for one, instead of four mouths.

But I did it! It was not too much, not too little, not burned or overdone or half-raw. I’m quite proud of myself, so to celebrate I’m watching series and eating biscuits now.

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Spain – Day one

October 19th, 2015

Today started out very nicely, waking up with the sound of the sea. Then came a little down moment, when it turned out one of our company had gotten ill overnight. She’s lying in bed now, and I hope she’ll get better soon.

I had breakfast outside on the patio. We hoped we’d see the sun rise out of the sea, but there were too many clouds. It was quite weird, actually, because all we could see was how the grey sky slowly got lighter and how we could see more, without there being any particular lightsource.

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Prompts #9 – Must Not Fail

Every day, The Daily Post posts a prompt on their website – a situation or little idea you can use as inspiration to write. Yesterday’s prompt was must not fail, and this is my interpretation.

Must Not Fail
What is the one thing at which you are the most afraid of failing?

I am afraid of many things. I am afraid of the dark, I am afraid of people, I am afraid of what I can not yet wrap my head around. I am a quite frightfull person, I’m afraid. And when I look at what I just wrote, it appears to me that mostly I am afraid of the unknown. If it is dark and I can’t see what is around me, I am afraid. If someone comes up to me and I do not know what they want, I am afraid. If I launch myself into a situation that I can not oversee, of which I do not really know what is awaiting me, I am afraid.

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