All the things I love in life

At all times in life, I think it is good to look at what you have, at what makes you happy. At some times in life, I think it is necessary.
Here are ten things I love in life right now.

♥ Re-reading The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater
♥ Painting a tree on my bedroom wall
♥ The beautiful autumn this year
♥ Re-watching Forever
♥ My white cat
♥ Almost being done with changing my room
♥ Joining Aikido-lessons
♥ Giving away stuff I don’t use anymore to someone who will use it a lot
♥ Couch-sitting with my family
♥ The roasted vegetables we’re eating for dinner tonight

Why I didn’t post anything in the last five days

I know, I know. I was supposed to blog every day. And I intended to, I really did. I still do. I’m blaming last day’s lousy prompts, because they didn’t give me any inspiration.

But the truth is, I’ve been buisy with other things and I simply didn’t have time to blog. I’ve been cleaning my room some more, I’ve had work, I met friends and tonight I have a sleepover. It’s been a buisy few days.

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That moment

When you’re ill and you’re lying in bed and it’s like 7 in the morning and you can’t sleep and you can’t look at the screen of you phone for any longer than two minutes because it gives you a headache and your cat has claimed about half of your pillow.

Life’s hard.