Adès: Asyla etc.

In our living room we have five shelves on the wall. Three of them are deep and filled with books. Two of them are shallow and filled with cd’s. One with classic, and one with modern music. I always feel a little overwhelmed when I look at all those cd’s, all that music. I have no idea what it all is, what I would like and what I wouldn’t like.

But I like music, and I figured one way to go through them would be as good as any, so I will do it alphabetically. Today, while baking cookies for a sleepover with a friend, I listened to a series of works composed by Thomas Adès: ‘Asyla’, ‘These Premises Are Alarmed’, ‘Chamber Symphony’ and ‘…but all shall be well’.

This is not your typical classical music. It’s dark, it kind of gives you the creeps and is nice to listen to at the same time. It makes me think of music we listened to in Art History from that period where everything went weird in art. I don’t really remember what era exactly, but it was somewhere around Bela Bartók, Stravinsky’s ‘Le Sacre du Printemps’ (which I love by the way) and the Cobra-movement. I don’t know, maybe I’m mixing everything up, but that’s where my associations brought me.

I have to say there is a three-hour gap between when I wrote the first three paragraphs and when I’m writing this line, so I kind of lost my flow. Main point: I like this cd. My kind of music.

Prompts #5 – Favourite Song

Today’s blog is based on a prompt, as are most daily blogs of mine, but today I turned to Reddit for a prompt, beause I didn’t like The Daily Post’s one. Today’s prompt is Favourite Song and this is mine.

Favourite Song
Write a story based on your favourite song. Other people have to guess which song it is.

the king

I pull up my knees up to my chest and lean against the wooden door. It is still dark out, and as long as it is dark, I am safe.
I am good with dark. Always have been. I pull it around me like a jacket, and everytime I put it on it fits better, becomes more and more a part of me and less and less something I can just take off and leave behind. If I would ever want to.

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Zodiac signs

Read this on my tumblr today:
cancer: it’s okay to taste your own tears sometimes. after all, saltwater has a funny way of healing all wounds.

It sounds so deeeep if you’re listening to this at the same time:…
I’m getting really sleepy  because of that music by the way so please forgive my english and sloppy phrasings



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