My chinese cup

Hello everyone and a very good morning to you all!
(Considering that it’s not morning right now everywhere on the world)

As usual I have no idea what I wanted to write when I turned on my pc half an hour ago, but I really wanted to post something. So I present to you: A Photo Of My Chinese Cup.
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Zodiac signs

Read this on my tumblr today:
cancer: it’s okay to taste your own tears sometimes. after all, saltwater has a funny way of healing all wounds.

It sounds so deeeep if you’re listening to this at the same time:…
I’m getting really sleepy  because of that music by the way so please forgive my english and sloppy phrasings



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Hello everybody!


Welcome to my brand-new blog! This is just a testpost, I really should stop fooling around here and get back to my homework.

So for now; thanks for watching and please come back sometime in the future,  I promise there’ll be more to watch and to read for you.


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